Craftz is a webbased learning platform for skills.

The site makes this knowledge transfer possible trough interactive “workshops” given by everyday people. (Your neighbour,someone on your street, retired poeple...)

You can apply to the site as a teacher (TEACH)
Have you mastered a skill and want to pass it on to ?
Apply to become a teacher. And earn money for teaching what you love. All skills are welcome.

You can choose the number of people that can attain your workshop, the price,dates and location. Just fill in the from on the teach page. We'll come to your workplace and take some great photos of you and your craft.

Or are you eager to learn something new ? Apply as a learner/student (LEARN)
“Have you ever wantend to learn how to weld ? bake a wedding cake ? Repair your own car ? Or any other skill ? And you don’t have time to go to classes ? Well why not learn from one of our teachers (neighbours,friends,retired people).”

Choose from a list of workshops. Determine what you want to learn or just explore the fantasic skills on our site.

It brings crafts back to life and makes them accessible to everyone.
Some of the skills found here will die off if the knowledge is not passed on.